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Justin Gardner

Hey guys, I have been at this for three years now, and it has been a blessing. I have recently quit my job in pursuit of my dreams. When you hire me, you are supporting a lifestyle that revolves around passion and a love for art. My work means a lot to me, and it would never be possible without such trusting clients and I am so grateful to be able to help each and everyone of them. I am based out of a 1985 Vanagon in the Northwest. If I am not shooting a wedding or editing photos, I am hiking, climbing rock or mountains, or enjoying some good food. I don’t get too serious, unless its food, then I am dead serious.



Built with a custom set of crampons on his feet, bubba is the best adventure partner anyone could ask for. He is like yogi bear at the campsite snagging all the goodies for himself. Don’t leave the cooler unmanned. He has been more places than most wolf dogs, and he does it with style. He is the team mascot.



It all started for me when…

I realized that I was tired of working for the man every day. Day in and day out. I felt as if my heartstrings were being stretched to their breaking point. Always working, and never enough time to actually play. I kept my head down and started shooting any wedding I could. Investing that money into better serving the next client, and the next, and so on. I still keep that philosophy going and I have been very fortunate to be able to build up this business and leave that drag of a job I had before. On March 5th I served my last day at work. Now I do something I am truly passionate about, and I get excited to go to work every day. I am very passionate about the mountains too, and I try and show that through some of my imagery. I love the adventure seekers willing to get out there and get those shots. I can’t be grateful enough for the people who have supported me into this new chapter of life. I am so excited and eager to keep pushing onward. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you see.

All smiles,

Justin Gardner

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